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A. Banking & Financial Services

Our Resources have experience in various aspects of this dynamic vertical, including:
· Finance and Risk.
· Corporate and Institutional Banking
· Retail and Business Banking
· Wealth and Asset Management
· Financial Insurance
· Public Policy
· Compliance and Prevalent Practices

B. Health Care

We have subject matter experts in the following aspects of this sector:

· Data Management
· Pharmaceuticals and Bio Technology
· Health Insurance
· Healthcare Providers
· Healthcare Policy and Administration

C. Technology

We support large clients in the Technology sector across various skill and client domains.
Our Clients, are typically Global IT Multinationals that support the following sectors:

· Retail
· Pharmaceuticals
· Transportation
· Telecommunications
· Media and Publishing
· Hardware and Software Design
· Travel and Hospitality
· Internet Technologies

D. Government

We are experienced in the processes of RFP participation and bidding that has earned us a
preferred vendor ship with many state agencies, including

· State of Rhode Island
· City Of Alexandria
· State of New Jersey
· State of Pennsylvania
· State of Maine
· State of Arizona
· State of North Carolina
· Cook County, State of Delaware

E. Insurance

The different divisions covered by our resources in this vital sector include

· Property
· Claims Services
· Life and Casualty
· Investment and Underwriting
· Liability and Credit
· Automobiles and Travel
· Workman Compensation
· Reinsurance

F. Travel & Hospitality

We have well trained resources that address the technology needs of this growing sector

· Accommodation including resorts, hotels etc.
· Food and Beverages
· Entertainment and Media
· Event Management
· Recreation - Health and Fitness
· Gaming Facilities
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Banking and Financial Services
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